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APRA's new Data Collection Solution Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan for the new Data Collection Solution provides guidance for entities to assist in their preparation for transitioning to reporting using the new solution. It includes information for reporting entities (entities), third-party administrators (Service Providers) and regulatory technology providers (RegTechs) about key changes to the submission of reporting data, technical specifications, APRA’s expectation for entity readiness, testing and training. 

Latest updates

APRA will update this site as new information becomes available

October 2019

APRA released an update on the new Data Collection Solution.  Relevant sections of the Implementation Plan have been updated, to reflect the following:

August 2019 APRA held webinars about the Implementation Plan and updated frequently asked questions.
July 2019

APRA released an important update on implementing the new Data Collection Solution, and substantially updated the Implementation Plan and expanded it with more information about:

  • extended project and implementation timeframes
  • what is changing with the new solution
  • technical specifications for using the new solution
  • guidance for entity readiness



You can download a copy of the

Issued July 2019

The first version of this plan was released in April 2019.