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Common D2A errors

AUSkey will be decommissioned at the end of March 2020, for information visit D2A and Extranet are replacing AUSkey with myGovID and RAM


This information may help you identify and resolve some commonly encountered errors.


Out of memory error

This error may occur when attempting to validate or submit large forms or returns.

Error - D2A is shutting down due to "Out of Memory Error". Please close unnecessary programs and try again. For further assistance please contact the D2A Helpdesk.

If you receive this error when validating or submitting your returns, ensure that D2A is the only application running (as far as practical). This frees up system resources, especially memory.

If you still encounter this error, you can try updating the JVM memory configuration for your D2A installation:

  1. Close any running instances of D2A.
  2. Open the D2A.lax file in your D2A installation directory, and make the following changes:
Property Default value New value 32M 256M 512M 1024M

Caution: Please be aware that with these changes, D2A will consume more memory from your machine’s Available Memory. You must ensure that your machine has sufficient RAM to accommodate the increase and still run other applications.

Confirmation messages for the submission of large returns may take some time to be received, as it takes longer for the data to be processed and stored by the D2A servers.

Operation failed

One of the following error messages may appear when refreshing forms or submitting a return.

 Cannot submit since the latest rules could not be applied. Operation failed.
 checking security credentials ... Requesting form download for ABN xxx (this takes a while)... Can't process request. Operation failed.
 checking security credentials ... Requesting form download for ABN xxx (this takes a while)... Connection refused: connect. Operation failed.
Operation failed errors
Cause Possible logfile entry* Resolution
The AUSey acknowledgement process has not been completed Party with ABN xxx is not allowed to use AUSkey Complete the AUSkey acknowledgement process
A proxy server is required for the D2A application to connect to the internet, and has not been entered, or has been entered incorrectly. Communication to the server has failed, please check that hte Proxy Host Name has been entered Enter a valid proxy server into your D2A installation
The user's AUSkey has expired or been revoked Event Description: [Business User Credential has been revoked]. User Advice: [Agency to advise business user that their Credential has been revoked and they should contact the issuing Certificate Authority for assistance]. Enter a valid AUSkey. Refer to the AUSkey website for more information or to register for an AUSkey.
D2A has been installed with an ABN that is not in APRA's database. Incorrect result size: expected 1, actual 0 Reinstall D2A with an ABN that is in APRA's database. The ABN of a D2A installation cannot be changed.
You are using an old version of D2A. All users of D2A must use version 5.3 or later to submit, view or retrieve data via D2A. Version 5.3 and latear of D2A supports the use of AUSkey only. You are using an old version of D2A client. You must upgrade to the latest version in order to proceed. Upgrade D2A to the latest version. Refer to the D2A web page for more information. 
You are trying to submit an out-dated return/form Your submission contains a form version that has been superseded. Please refresh your forms before trying again. 
  1. Save the return.
  2. Refresh the forms.
  3. Create a new return.
  4. Import the saved return (from Step 1) into the new blank return.
  5. Submit the return.

 *The following entry may appear in the eciclient.log file. The eciclient.log file can be found on your computer where D2A is installed.

AUSkey is unavailable

AUSkey is unavailable to select after the 'Load Keystore' button is clicked.

D2A automatically detects an AUSkey to the default location. The ABN you use to install D2A must be the same as your AUSkey ABN. For super funds, this must be the ABN of the fund Trustee or external administrator.

There are two possible causes for this issue:

  1. The ABN used to install D2A, and the ABN of the AUSkey do not match. You need to either: 
    • Install D2A with the correct ABN; or
    • Obtain an AUSkey with the correct ABN.
  2. The AUSkey is not installed in the default location. Refer to the AUSkey website for the default installation location of your AUSkey.
    AUSkey on a USB cannot be used with D2A and is not supported.

Submit button is unavailable

Ensure you have the whole return open. Only complete returns can be submitted. Single forms cannot be submitted.

A return/form is missing

When a return/form is missing from the Form Chooser, complete the following:

  • Refresh the forms.
  • The return/form is not required to be submitted by your organisation. D2A only downloads forms that are required by your organisation; or
  • The return/form is not due within the next eight weeks. The Forms Chooser only displays returns due within an eight week period.

If you believe there is a return/form missing email:

An entity is missing

When an entity is missing from the Entity Chooser, complete the following:

  • Update the Entity Chooser; or
  • Refresh the forms.

If all the expected entities are not listed, email:

Unable to submit acknowledgement

The AUSkey acknowledgement process must be completed before using AUSkey. To complete this process:

  1. Navigate and login to the APRA extranet using your AUSkey.
  2. In the left navigation bar - click D2A > AUSkey Acknowledgement Request.
    This option is only available if:
    • The ABN of the AUSkey is the ABN of an APRA-regulated entity. Non-regulated entities (e.g. GI intermediaries) cannot complete the AUSkey acknowledgement process via the APRA Extranet;
    • The ABN of the AUSkey is not a super fund. For super funds, the ABN of the AUSkey must be the ABN of the fund trustee; and
    • The email address of the AUSkey must be the email address of the CEO, CFO, Prudential Contact or Company Secretary of the entity as per APRA’s database.
  3. Read the conditions related to the use of AUSkey and select agree to accept.
  4. Click Submit.

Please ensure the contact information for the CEO, CFO, Prudential Contact or Company Secretary is up to date in APRA’s database. To update your details email:

Non regulated entitles may download the AUSkey Acknowledgement Form and send the original to .

Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence

This message is received when opening a saved return that contains one or more invalid characters. It may be caused when copying text from applications such as Excel or Word. It means the return is corrupt. Start a new return and re-enter the data.

Receipt has not been received

Receipt emails are sent to the email address used to instal D2A. To check the email address, open the About window from the Help menu. To change this email address, D2A will need to be re-installed.

Please note: Receipt emails cannot be re-generated, however you can download previously submitted returns.

Unable to PDF form

PDF versions of select forms and returns only can be created using the Print PDF option from the File menu, or the Print PDF toolbar button.

If you receive the error: 'Can't do Print PDF.... The option to Print PDF is currently unavailable for the selected form(s)', use a third party PDF creator or printer to make a PDF file.