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Extranet frequently asked questions

Auskey will be decommissioned at the end of March 2020, for information visit D2A and Extranet are replacing AUSkey with myGovID and RAM 


What is the APRA Extranet?

The APRA Extranet is a secure portal for APRA-regulated institutions to report data to APRA outside of the reporting requirements for D2A, including to submit breaches, ILDR and SDCP data, as well as to create and track MySuper or Eligible rollover Fund (ERF) applications. It is accessible via a link on the home page of APRA’s website. 

The Extranet is accessible via a link on the home page of the APRA website.

In due course the Extranet is expected to also be used to allow entities to exchange documents and reports with APRA outside of the requirements of D2A reporting.

How do I access the Extranet?

You can access the Extranet in the top right corner of APRA’s website. You must have and use an AUSKey to access the system.

Why do I need to use the Extranet?

The Extranet enables you to report breaches using the online form, to upload ILDR and SDCP data, and to lodge MySuper or ERF Authorisation applications.

What will APRA-regulated institutions have to do to log on to the Extranet?

To be able to log on to the APRA Extranet, regulated institutions will need to obtain an AUSkey from Your institution may already have an AUSKey administrator who can issue AUSkeys for reporting to government agencies.  

What changes will be required to the Extranet to replace AUSkey with myGovID?  

Users of APRA Extranet will need to set up their own myGovID and ensure that their entity has authorised them to act on the entity’s behalf for APRA services, which are now available in RAM. The Extranet login link will be updated from the end of March to only accept authentication using myGovID.  In the meantime, users should continue to login using their AUSkey. More information is available here.

Can I use my existing username and password to access Breach Reporting?

No. All users must have and use an AUSkey.

What is AUSkey?

AUSkey is a common authentication solution for business-to-government online services. Rather than using different user IDs and passwords to access each government online service, a single AUSkey will give you access to a range of government online services. 

On a technical level, AUSkey is a small piece of software saved to your computer (or on a USB stick) that you must use to login to the APRA Extranet. It is secured by a password.

How do I get an AUSkey?

You need to check if someone in your organisation is an AUSkey administrator as they can issue standard AUSkeys. If no one in your organisation has an AUSkey or you cannot identify your organisation’s AUSkey administrator, please refer to the AUSkey website and select ‘Register’. 

What type of AUSkey does APRA accept?

There are two types of AUSkeys that APRA accepts: standard and administrator. Standard and administrator AUSkeys offer identical access to the APRA Extranet. The decision about who should have a standard AUSkey and who should have an administrator AUSkey is an important one as there are implications for your business outside the APRA online environment. Please refer to for more information.

Where can I use my AUSkey?

You can use AUSkey to access the APRA Extranet and other government services. Refer to and select ‘where AUSkey is accepted’ to learn which other government agencies accept AUSkey.

Is AUSkey portable?

Yes. It can be used on various computers from any location and to access services from different government departments.

I have an APRA digital certificate. What happens with it?

APRA digital certificates are not accepted by the Extranet. You must use an AUSkey.

No, APRA does not need you to link your AUSkey to the Extranet however your name and email information must be up to date on the APRA database. Please contact APRA on 1300 55 88 49 or email if you have trouble accessing the APRA Extranet.

Why do I need to lodge a MySuper or ERF Authorisation application?

In order to create/lodge a MySuper or ERF authorisation application, you must use an AUSkey issued to a Trustee ABN.

Applications cannot be made by a Trustee's administrator (i.e. external agent) using their own AUSkey, due to the attestation and election requirements. (Not to be confused with an AUSkey administrator)

I started a Breach Report using the old APRA website. How can I find it?

Incomplete Breach Reports were not transferred to the new APRA website and as a result any incomplete Breach Reports data has been lost. You will need to start the report again. 

Who should I contact if I have any questions of problems?

For more information please contact your Responsible Supervisor.